Awards & Publications


PBJ Landmark Award, Wynne Watts Commons, Portland, OR, 2023


DeMuro Award, De La Salle North Catholic High School Renovation/Addition, Portland, OR, 2023


Gold Nugget, Multifamily Community of the Year, Saltwood, Portland, OR, 2023


Oregon ASLA Honor Award, The Carson and Saltwood Apartments, Portland, OR, 2022


Daily Journal of Commerce, Project of the Year, Gladys Valley Marine Studies, 2021


Daily Journal of Commerce, Small Project of the Year, Snow Peak North American HQ, 2021


Daily Journal of Commerce, Multi-family First Place, 230 Ash, 2021


Daily Journal of Commerce, Public Parks/Spaces First Place, Wingspan Event Center, 2021


Daily Journal of Commerce, Recreation First Place, Hidden Creek Community Center, 2021


Daily Journal of Commerce, Senior Living Second Place, Ya-Po-Ah Terrace, 2021


AIA Northwest and Pacific Region Merit Award, Origami, Portland, OR, 2020


DeMuro Award, Flaneur Wines/Madson Grain Elevator, Carlton, OR, 2020


DeMuro Award, 230 SW Ash, Portland, OR, 2020


Oregon ASLA Honor Award, Field Office, Portland, OR, 2019


Oregon ASLA Honor Award, LL Hawkins Slabtown Marketplace, Portland, OR, 2019


DeMuro Award, Sherman County Courthouse Rehabilitation & Expansion, Moro, OR, 2019


AIA Portland, Citation Award, Flex, Portland, OR, 2018


AIA Portland, Citation Award, PSU Peter Stott Center Renovation + Viking Pavilion, Portland, OR, 2018


AIA Portland, Merit Award, Carbon 12, Portland, OR, 2018


AIA, HUD’s Secretary Award, Station 162 Apartments, Gresham, OR, 2018


Gold Nugget, Best Mixed Use Project – 35 DU/Acre, Award of Merit, The Windward, Lake Oswego, OR, 2018


Multi Housing News, 2018 MHN Excellence Award Winner, Development + Design – Low Rise, Gold, The Windward, Lake Oswego, OR, 2018


The Architect’s Newspaper, Best of Design 2018 – Commercial, Flex, Portland, OR, 2018


AIA Northwest and Pacific Region, Citation Award, Slate, Portland, OR, 2017


AIA Portland, Merit Award, L’Angolo Estate Winery, Newberg, OR, 2017


Gold Nugget, Best Affordable Housing Community – 30 to 60 du/acre, Award of Merit, Town Center Courtyards, Clackamas, OR, 2017


AIA Mayor’s Award Finalist, Karuna at One North, Portland, OR, 2016


AIA Mayor’s Honorable Mention, Slate, Portland, OR, 2016


AIA Citation Award, Basecamp Townhomes, Bend, OR, 2016


AIA Citation Award, Karuna at One North, Portland, OR, 2016


AIA Honor Award, Slate, Portland, OR, 2016


Honor Award, Swift + POSSIBLE Agency Headquarters, Portland, OR, 2016


“Region’s Top Projects Honored by DJC,” DJC Oregon, Slabtown (2nd place), Hotel Eastlund (3rd place), Portland, OR, 2016


Sustainable Project of the Year, Portland Business Journal, One North, Portland, OR, 2016


Advertising Excellence Award, Honorable Mention, Slabtown New Seasons, Portland, OR, 2016


Oregon ASLA Honor Award, Urban Play: Swing, Dunk & Pump, Portland, OR, 2014


Oregon ASLA Merit Award, The Pearl Marriott, Portland, OR, 2014


Oregon AIA Mayor’s Award, Stephen Creek’s Crossing, Portland, OR, 2014


ORPA Design and Construction Award, Canemah Children’s Park, Oregon City, OR, 2013


Oregon ASLA People’s Choice Award, Tattoo Portland, Festival of Flowers, Portland, OR, 2013


Daily Journal of Commerce 2013 Top Projects, Best in Show, Vernonia K-12 School, 2013


Daily Journal of Commerce 2013 Top Projects, Public Buildings, First Place, Vernonia K-12 School, 2013


Daily Journal of Commerce 2013 Top Projects, Private Buildings, First Place, Maryhill Museum Expansion and Renovation, 2013


AIA People’s Choice Award. Vernonia Schools, Vernonia, OR, 2012


Oregon ASLA Honor Award. Steelbridge Skatepark, Portland, OR, 2011


National ASLA Award of Excellence. Portland Mall Revitalization, South Terminus, Portland, OR, 2011


Environmental Design Research Association, Place Planning Award, Steelbridge Skatepark, Portland, OR, 2011


Oregon ASLA Honor Award. Hotel Modera, Portland, OR, 2010


Oregon ASLA Merit Award. 10th Street Green Street, Lake Oswego, OR, 2010


AIA Unbuilt Citation. Steelbridge Skatepark, Portland, OR, 2010


Oregon Recreation and Park Association Design Award. Jon Storm Park, Oregon City, OR, 2009


AIA Unbuilt Merit Award. TriMet Portland Mall South Terminus, Portland, OR, 2009


Urban Land Institute Global Awards for Excellence Competition. adidas Village Corporate Campus, Portland, OR, 2008


Finalist, Portland Spaces Magazine Root Awards. Hotel Modera, Portland, OR, 2008


Finalist, Portland Spaces Magazine Root Awards. 10th Street Green Street, Lake Oswego, OR, 2008


Oregon ASLA Honor Award. Festival of Gardens Competition “Wordplay,” Chaumont, France, 2006


Overall Sustainable Design, Best Practices Competition. Humboldt University Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arcata, CA, 2005


AIA Mayor’s Award for Design Excellence. New Seasons Market Arbor Lodge, Portland, OR, 2005


1st Place, City of Portland Design Festival. Block 47 Temporary Landscape, Portland, OR, 2003


AIA Award of Merit. adidas Village Corporate Campus, Portland, OR, 2003


AIA Mayor’s Design Award. adidas Village Corporate Campus, Portland, OR, 2003


Oregon ASLA Merit Award. Block 47 Temporary Landscape, Portland, OR, 2002



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