Robin Hood Plaza

Sherwood, Oregon

Robin Hood Plaza transformed an under-utilized gravel lot at the center of historic downtown Sherwood into a dynamic and celebratory public space. The plaza occupies Block 1, Lot 1 of the original center of Sherwood, bringing with it a history closely tied to the city and community. After a long history as the site of various iterations of the Robin Hood Theater, the site had become an underutilized gravel lot used for unorganized parking. The City of Sherwood brought Lango Hansen onboard to reimagine the block as a flexible community space, serving a dual-purpose as a dedicated plaza and event space during festivals and a parking lot on the day-to-day.

The solution Lango Hansen developed included two distinct elements, a dedicated plaza space with stone seat walls, brick paving, interpretive signage, and landscaping, and a flexible parking/festival space including decorative concrete paving, festival lighting, landscaping, and a signature canopy that covers the space. Water and electrical hook ups were provided to ensure that the site was prepared for the food trucks, concerts, beer gardens, and other events that are common during festival season in Sherwood.

City of Sherwood